Saturday, February 9, 2013

This is a friend of mine's little boy Gabe who was only 12 years old when he died from playing the Choking Game! IT"S NOT A GAME! Talk to your kids about the dangers such as brain damage or far worse is DEATH! SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS Parents and counselors should be on the lookout for: - Reports of severe headaches - Marks on the neck - Bloodshot or red eyes - Raspy breath; and - (For parents) Belts, bags, ties found around the house and closed doors or an unusual need for privacy. Parents should also pay attention to the web sites their child may be visiting. Look out for sites that include the words "Passout," "Blackout," "Space Monkey," "Space Cowboy," "Knockout," "Gasp," or "Rising Sun." Also check web blogs or chat rooms where children may be discussing the game. According to the CDC, children who participate in the choking game may exhibit the following symptoms or behaviors: SO LOOK FOR THESE : Marks or bruises on the neck Bloodshot eyes Wearing clothing that covers the neck, even in warm weather Confusion or disorientation after being alone for a period of time The presence of unusual items such as dog leashes, Choking game by other names as well as the GOOD KIDS GAME..because they don't do otehr drugs" •Pass-out •Blackout •Knockout game •Tingling •Breath play •Choke-out •Dream game •Fainting game •Suffocation •Roulette •Flatliner •California high •Airplaning •American dream •Gasp •Space cowboy •Space monkey •Funky chicken

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